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Heavy Weathertight External Doors

-toggles made of stainless steel AISI 316 polished
-maintenance-free hinges with self greased plyamide bushes
-lock (AISI 316)
-angles for toggles (AISI 316) are adjustable after welding
-cavity rubber seal without sign of fatigue, temperature resistant from -40 C up to 120 C
-fully insulated, heat transmission coefficient k=1W/sqmK
-doors will be delivered ready for welding
-weight only one third of a steel door
-on request with angle frame, aluminum or stainless steel frame


Double Doors

-all advantages like our single doors
-spray watertight (not heavy weathertight)
-on request with central closing system (AISI 316, Polished) inside the leaf
-highly recommended on passenger ships, no injuries

Wheelhouse Sliding Doors

-each size available on request
-weight approximately 160 kg including frame
-surrounded steel frame and rubber seal
-insulated window with aluminum frame inside and outside
-mortise sliding door lock (brass dull chrome)
-lock box is adjustable in horizontal and vertical direction
-door fastener for arrest of leaf in each position
-very easy assembly and will be delivered for welding

sliding door

GRP Boxes and Cabinets

Firemans Equipment
Fire Box2
Life Jacket1
Battery Box
Fire Hose Box
Fire Plan

GRP Deck Benches and Tables